1st Quarter Newsletter 2011

Larry Pierce Chapter, Chapter 18, 173rd AB Association
Dinner, 21 March 2011

On 21 March 2011, at approximately 2000 hrs. Three members of our adapted unit,
A 4/319FA were able to meet with several members of our chapter.

Cpt. John a Karcher ( Right), SFC Willis R. Blackshire ( Left )and SSG Richard M. Greenjack ( Center) were at Ft. Sill for various reasons and were able to meet with chapter members at the Golden Corral Restaurant, on Cache Road in Lawton Ok. We the members of Chapter 18 were honored to meet with these brave soldiers in an informal setting, for an evening of comradeship.
After introductions were made Cpt Karcher presented Ed Perkins with a unit Coffee mug and several unit coins for his efforts in producing and delivering a 173rd walking stick to the unit while it was downrange in Afghanistan, and for the Chapter providing the unit with St. Michael’s medals which was spearheaded by Ed.
We then sat down to a wonderful meal. A goodtime was had by all, resulting in a wonderful evening that was filled with discussions of the past and present antics and accomplishments, of changes over the years and what is still basically the same. The comradeship, pride of unit, and the mutual respect shared by all SKY SOLDIERS past and present.
Members in attendance were Don Walton: President, Ed Perkins: Vice President, Gene Bland: Secretary, Richard Perez: Chaplin, Member Bob Gardner and Tim Austin: National Secretary.
Contact Info:
Cpt Karcher: john.a.karcher@AKO ; micheal,lightman@AKO
SFC Blackshire: willis.r.blackshire@us.army.mil ; rayblackshire@yahoo.com.
SSG Greenjack: Richard.greenjack@us.army.mil
They will welcome any contact from Chapter members.
Cpt Karcher is currently scheduled to relinquish command and move to Ft Knox.
SFC Blackshire is in class here at Fort Sill and when he graduates will be going to Indiana to be an advisor to the Indiana Guard for 3 years
SSG Greenjack is currently assigned to Ft Sill. He is also the recipient of the LT SIGHOLTZ Leadership Award. This is an annual award that is presented to the outstanding NCO of the 173rd AB.

Gene Bland

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